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Top City lawyers led by Omari and Ombeta accuses the police of taking Kenya to Back days.

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City top notch lawyers Dastan Omari and Cliff Ombeta have accused the police of taking Kenya to the old dark days where suspects will be arrested, detained and torched.

This is after they were denied access to there client former Sports cabinet secretary Rachid Echesa who was arrested on Wednesday and detained at Muthaiga police Station for allegedly kidnapping himself.

According to the lawyers,the for sports C’s was arrested by detectives after presenting himself before them in Nairobi,but later he was detained for more than 24 hours which is against the constitution.

“We came here to see our client one Rashid Echesa for C’s for Sports, unfortunately we have been denied access by the police officers at Muthaiga police station, this is unconstitutional and all the officers behind this we be responsible for any thing that will happen to our client,Said Omari.


My Client has not received or access any services from either his lawyers or family, despite being arrested on Wednesday e expected the police to arreign him in court but that one has not happened,we are going back to where we were which is very wrong.

“Our client was arrested in front of the governor of Kakamega Fernandez Baraza who was surrounded by armed police officers,he recorded statement with the police,he was even admitted at Nairobi Hospital treatment following the injuries he was inflected on by the detectives,is this right?,Asked Omari.

On his part part lawyer Cliff Ombeta declared a war with the police by stating that he will file a case against the police and especially those who were on duty to ecetain exactly who are responsible for holding the former C’s Rashid Echesa in custody for more than 24 hours.

“We are yet to access to our client who was arrested yesterday,we have but directed to go to the DCI headquarters to seek orders before we can access to our client who is yet to be produced in court, this is an acceptable,and is against the constitution,our client was to be arraigned in court today after being arrested on Wednesday,but that has not happened,we are going to deal with all the police officers who were on duty to assetain why they have infringed our client right”Said Ombeta.

The former Sports cabinet secretary was arrested by detectives on Wednesday shortly after honoring there sermons to appear before them at the Nairobi regional headquarters over the allegations that he kidnapped himself.


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