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End of the road for Kakamega businessman Clephas Shimanyula alias Toto as Khalwale sues, Demands Sh1.5B for compensation

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Boni Khalwale

Its now official that Kakamega senator Boni Khalwale has has filed a defamation suit against Kakamega businessman Clephas Shimanyula alias Toto and sues him for defamation over remarks he made claiming the legislator killed his employee.

Even after Toto received a demand letter, he has been seen in online videos saying Khalwale killed his employee Kizito Amukune and not the bull as reports have confirmed.

Through vibrant city lawyer Danstan Omari, Khalwale says he is a medical practitioner, and gallant statesman with long-serving history as a leader, currently serving as a Senator for the people of Kakamega and as the Majority Chief Whip of the Senate.

He says that the false and malicious accusations that he murdered Kizito has subjected him to attacks.


Boni Khalwale Boni Khalwale

Omari says that Khalwale’s family has been subjected to multiple defamatory statements accusing one of his wives of infidelity and further accusations that his children were sired out of an llicit affair with the deceased, Late Kizito Moi Amukune.

“Despite two post-mortems being conducted the results of which have been made public by the Chief Government Pathologists, the Defendant herein has continued to utter defamatory statements against the Applicant and his family,” reads court papers.

According to court papers, Toto has refused to apologize and retract the defamatory posts he made.

“Toto’s continued willful attacks through malicious statements against Khalwale’s wives and children some of whom are minors and who unlike the him have remained shielded from the public eye has caused them immense emotional distress and exposed them to public ridicule,” reads court documents.

Khalwale wants the court to stop Toto from further publishing any defamatory statements against him and his family.

“There is reasonable apprehension that the Applicant and his family are likely to suffer significant irreversible and unforgettable reputational harm which would not adequately be compensated by an award of damages,” reads court papers

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