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National Fund for Disabled of Kenya has called on the Nairobi County to dedicate funds

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National Fund

National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya has called on Nairobi County to dedicate funds in annual budgeting to prioritize accessibility to persons with disabilities.

Chairperson of the fund, Dr Kristina Kenyatta Pratt said the basic entitlements should go to schools,hospitals, and rehabilitation centres .

Pratt further called on other stateholders, including the media, to join the fund in changing the narrative through inclusive programming to realize a society free from environmental, territorial, and social barriers for persons with disabilities.

“Today,the fund will be presenting assistive devices and tools for economic empowerment to 375 individuals drawn from all the subcounties in Nairobi County, Pratt said while presenting tools of trade and assistive devices to persons with disabilities in Nairobi.


She said the tools and devices are worth Ksh 11,991,129.

The Chairperson said it is proper to note that through their flagship program, which is anchored on the right to education of learners with disabilities, ,Nairobi region has benefited from a total of 14 projects in various special schools and units with Ksh 35,000,000.

She said the fund shall continue to advocate for the right of persons with disabilities through programmes to enable them full access to life, as the cycle of poverty and disabilities will not end without access to economic opportunities.

Pratt noted that better economic opportunities go a long way in breaking down barriers, both physical and attitudinal, attached to the capacities of persons with disabilities and challenging perceptions that persons with disabilities are either unable to work or can not be accommodated in the workplace.

“Inclusive livelihood opportunities contribute to the self reliance and resilience of persons with disabilities,empowering them to meet their needs in a sustainable and dignified manner and reducing dependency ,”Pratt said.

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