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Kibera Court Orders Husband To Apologize and Take Wife Back

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A Kibera Magistrate intervened today in domestic squabbles after he forced a man accused of locking his wife in their house and assaulting her to apologize to the woman in an open court.

“I need you to make an apology to her; you have heard what she has said and even forgiven you. After that, take her back home and make peace your priority,” said Senior Principal Magistrate Charles Mwaniki.

Mwaniki’s comment came shortly after Emeldah Mukhanji told the court that the accused person caused havoc in their house, causing her troubles.

“ One day he locked us in the house and I was unable to go and do our business, on another day, he came to the house while I was lying on the couch and started beating up our elder son, he ordered me to sit down, threatening to kill me and I run away for safety.”


The court heard that the accused person had questioned where his other children her and the explanations he was given were not sufficient.

In court, the accused person is said to have attacked the complainant on October 15, 2023, at Kawangware Dagoreti Corner Sub-County within Nairobi County.

He pleaded guilty to the charges and told the court that he was a remorseful man.

“He is my wife; it was a small argument, and we solved the matter; she is here in court, ready to withdraw the matter,” he told Mwaniki.

The Magistrate withdrew the case and warned him not to assault his wife again.

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