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Kenyan Business Mogul Chris Obure’s Aviation Empire Faces Reputation Crisis Amid Money Laundering and Fraud Allegation

Chris Obure's airlines Glojet international Limited

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Chris Obure’s airlines Glojet International Limited, and Cullinan Private Jet Corp reputations were ruined as it joined money laundering, Fraud Syndicates

Nairobi Milimani Court Magistrate has frozen the bank accounts of two air charter services companies associated with contracersial businessman Chris Obure over allegations of money laundering and fraud damaging its international reputation.

The no non-sence Chief Magistrate Eunice Nyutu allowed the application by Assets Recovery Agency to probe the accounts of Cullinan Private Jet Corp and GLO-Jet International after multiple links with money laundering and fraud claims emerged.

ARA was allowed to investigate the accounts at I&M and Eco Bank for three weeks over claims of illegal bank transactions amounting to Sh18.9 million without authority.


In a bombshell, the court also allowed the police to investigate the bank account of Ajeetkumar C. Shah held at I&M Bank.

“The holders of the bank accounts in question are being investigated for the offenses of money laundering contrary to Section 3 as read with Section 16 of the Proceeds of Crime and Money Launder Act, ” the investigating officer informed the court.

Nyutu directed the aircraft owner and Shah to supply the investigators with all relevant documents on the accounts, including the account opening documents, statement of cash flow since it was opened to date, cheques and cash deposits and withdrawals slips, RTGS/SWIT transfers, or any other documents that may assist in the ongoing probe.

ARA, through an investigator named Alfred Musalia, submitted that the agency received intelligence reports that the holders of the bank accounts had transacted funds suspected to be proceeds of crime.

Aggrieved by the court orders, the companies, through lawyer Cynthia Ogema, have filed an application seeking to set aside the freeze order, saying they were obtained irregularly, thereby crippling his business.

“The ex-parte orders issued herein have negatively affected their business, thereby forcing the international board of directors to call for an urgent meeting at Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Miami, United States of America,” the lawyer said.

According to Ogema, the two airlines are highly revered conglomerates with strong international links and of good reputation and standing in the international community

She said the airlines provide private cargo and passenger air charter services, as well as property investment under the Meriton Brand, which is a multi-billion-dollar Australian company that was established in 1963.

Further, Ogema claims that the court orders have sparked discussion seeking approval to immediately shut the operations of the two air companies in Kenya and relocate the same to Johannesburg, South Africa- a move that will cost the country revenue and cause the loss of jobs.

In an affidavit filed in court by GLO-Jet International Limited, CEO Geoffrey Somoni Birundu wants the orders vacated, claiming that the company is providing exclusive private air charter services to niche and affluent foreign and local clients.

The company in Kenya is a subsidiary of GLO-Jet International Limited, which is based in Orlando, Florida, USA, and which constitutes a large network of global conglomerates operating in at least 47 countries across the world.

He adds that the company is in the business of providing exclusive private air charter services to niche and affluent foreign and local clients.

“As part of its infrastructure to providing these services, Glo-Jet International ltd is housed at the upmarket Meriton Senteu Plaza located along Galana/Lenana Road, which hosts their offices, a fleet of luxury cars, and a memorandum of understanding with Penial Air to supply luxury aircraft for the company,” says the CEO.

She added that the company is moving huge business with a turnover of billions of dollars annually.

The local branch of the multi-national company, which is based at the up market Meriton Senteu Plaza located along Galana lenana road in Nairobi, hosts offices. A fleet of luxury cars and a signed memorandum of understanding with Penial Air to supply luxury aircraft for it’s clients

ARA might go after the assets for a while. In most cases, the agency files a preservation application with the High Court after obtaining orders to freeze accounts or assets before the Magistrate Court.

The CEO further states that sometimes in the year 2021, Glo-Jet International Ltd. opened a Kenyan shilling and US dollar account with Eco-Bank on the implied and express understanding that the company would comply with all relevant laws relating to the operation and management of a bank account and that Eco-Bank would allow us accounting access to manage the account.

The company claims they have managed and/or operated the said accounts to receive money from our holding company in the United States, payments from clients, and also to make payments and/or transfers for staff salaries, service providers, payment of goods, per diem for air pilots and crew, and to pay critical utility bills.

The documents further states that on August 14, 2023, we issued an invoice for the sum of US$55,632.04 to one of our business partners and customers, Cullinan Private Jet Corp, to intended  3rd Respondent herein for air charter services that we provided to their client

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