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Home News Branka International College scam: Nairobi police issue warning as investigation unfolds

Branka International College scam: Nairobi police issue warning as investigation unfolds

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Branka International College

In a stern caution to the public, Nairobi Police have sounded the alarm regarding alleged fraudulent activities at Branka International College, located along Mfangano Road, Hakati House. The institution has come under intense scrutiny following numerous complaints lodged by former students, prompting an active investigation into the suspected case of obtaining money by false pretense. The DCI Nairobi Regional offices received a formal complaint in September 2023, marking the commencement of an extensive probe into the matter.

Recent findings have revealed that despite operating since 2021, Branka International College lacks proper registration as a training institution. Subsequent attempts to register through the online TVET MIS application portal were reportedly made in response to the ongoing investigations. The institution, only registered as an unspecified business in the records of the Business Registration Service (BRS) database, has been accused of duping unsuspecting students with false promises of overseas job placements in the USA, Europe, and Australia.

Investigations further uncovered that the college charges exorbitant school fees, amounting to Sh350,000 per student, for a week-long course. Upon completion, students are allegedly left in perpetual limbo, with some even unjustly dropped for purportedly not meeting minimum requirements. Shockingly, the institution has reportedly failed to issue any refunds, with an estimated sum of Sh70 million allegedly defrauded from victims.

In a bid to silence aggrieved victims demanding restitution or the promised international job placements, the principal suspect, Ms. Teresia Mumbi Kamau, alongside her alleged accomplice, Thaitu Ng’ang’a & Associates, have resorted to issuing legal threats. However, in an intriguing twist, Ms. Mumbi has evaded the institution’s premises since the initiation of the investigation.


The DCI has issued a strong advisory to prospective students, urging caution when enrolling in tertiary-level institutions to avoid falling victim to such fraudulent schemes. With the investigation currently underway, authorities are actively pursuing the necessary legal measures to ensure a swift and just resolution for all parties involved.

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